Chests of logic 4

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I made this one up for my discrete math students. I'm not sure if it is easy or not.


As you enter the chamber, your eyes immediately fall on the four chests. One is made of solid gold, another out of silver, the third out of brick and the last out of wood. Legend states that one of the four boxes contains a priceless treasure, however all the others are filled with angry scorpions (also known as scorpions). Luckily, attached to each box is a sign. Unluckily, you do not know which signs are true. The signs read:

Gold box: "If the treasure is in the brick box, then the sign on the wood box is false."
Silver box: "The treasure is in either the brick box or the wood box."
Brick box: "Only one of these four signs is true."
Wood box: "The signs on the metal boxes are either both true or both false."

Which box should you open?

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