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Welcome to the Math Puzzle Wiki


This is a collection of the best puzzles and brain teasers which contain some mathematical content. Currently there 127 puzzles on the site. Go ahead and try your hand at a random puzzle.

Many of the puzzles here are classics, although some are original. When possible, sources of puzzles are referenced. If you know the original source of a puzzle, please share.

Some puzzles already have hints, answers, and solutions. These should be hidden by default to avoid spoilers. For those that don't yet have solutions, why not add one to the site?

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Types of puzzles

Mathematical topics

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7 Newest Puzzles

  1. The weird meeting riddle
  2. The thief and the murderer
  3. Who does which?
  4. Ants on a cube
  5. Cents per cents
  6. Sequence next in sequence
  7. Too many trolls

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