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If you are interested in contributing to the Math Puzzle Wiki, but don't know what to do, here are some ideas:

  1. Add a new puzzle. If you have a favorite brain teaser or math puzzle that doesn't appear to be on the site already, please add it. Even if you don't have all the details, at least get the page started, and hopefully someone else will clean it up.
  2. Clean up a current puzzle. Many of the puzzle on this wiki were put up in a hurry. For example, I remembered it, and typed it up quickly so I wouldn't forget. Thus most all pages could be added to. The puzzle presentation itself might need to be improved, or perhaps there is a variation that should be mentioned. Additionally, if you know the original source of a puzzle, please reference it. It would be great to have a history of each puzzle.
  3. Add some artwork. You can upload files or use any image from the Wikimedia commons. Ideally, it would be nice to have a drawing on every page.
  4. Add a hint, answer or solution to a puzzle. Few puzzles on this site include hints/answers/solutions. If you have a good hint, or would like to add an answer or solution to any puzzle, please do. All I ask is that you use the templates which will hide these sections by default to avoid spoilers.
  5. Add a discussion of mathematical content. Many puzzles here illustrate mathematical concepts. Ideally this concepts should be at least mentioned on the puzzle page. Currently, they are not. Help fix that.
  6. Improve cross-listing and navigation. Some puzzle pages include a list of similar puzzles. As new puzzles are added, these lists tend to fall out of date. Many pages have none at all. Additionally, each puzzle page should have a couple of categories to help direct readers to similar puzzles. These categories can describe either the type of puzzle (e.g. crossing puzzle, logic puzzle) or the mathematical basis for the puzzle (e.g., number theory, graph theory).
  7. Improve the wiki itself. This is my first attempt at a wiki, and I welcome any suggestions.
  8. Spread the word. The more math puzzle enthusiasts involved, the better.