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Getting editing rights

Due to a relatively large amount of spam, I decided to require a confirmed email address before you can edit or create pages. If you have not supplied an email address already, you can do so under My preferences. Once you confirm your email address, you should be added to the emailconfirmed user group, and should be able to edit and create pages to your heart's content.

General assistance

Pending the completion of this page, see the editing help page on Wikipedia for further editing assistance, and the Wiki markup page for even more information.

On talk pages, sign comments with ~~~~.


Use of the equals sign

Within the body of a template, such as the {{Solution | ... }} template, the wiki will interpret an = sign as indicating a named parameter, which will lead to the template not being displayed correctly. Therefore, either avoid the use of the = sign, or make use the of template:=, like this:

{{Solution | 1 + 1 {{=}} 2}}

Alternatively, if you wish to use an = in an equation, you can drop into math mode as in:

{{Solution | <math>1 + 1 = 2</math>}} 


{{Solution | <m>1 + 1 = 2<\m>}}.