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::I think it would be a good idea to add a page specifically on this topic: a list of ways in which people can contribute. That would also be a good place to summarise the most important templates.
::: Good idea. I've started doing so.
::Another thing that seems strange is the requirement to log in before viewing a solution. I would question the sense of that, because the audience of people interested in contributing to the wiki is distinct from the audience of people interested in using it as a resource, and members of the latter probably won't bother to create accounts (especially when most puzzles are searchable). But perhaps I misunderstand how you envision the site being used. [[User:Zerrakhi|Zerrakhi]] 06:12, 13 October 2010 (EDT)
::: The reason for trying to restrict solutions is that I want to make it difficult for students to use this site to cheat. I teach a variety of college courses where I use puzzles from this site as either extra credit assignments or as the beginnings of homework problems. If a student finds the site by searching for the puzzle, I would rather they feel intimidated by registering (because maybe they think I would see their email) and try to do the problem on their own. But I do want to have solutions somewhere to help remind me how difficult the puzzle is in case I forget how to solve it.
::: I envision the site to sever as a collection of good math puzzles, with perhaps a discussion on why they are mathematically interesting. These puzzles are meant to puzzled over, not answered by a web search. Thoughts? (I probably should outline this "policy" on a help page as well.) [[User:Oscarlevin|Oscarlevin]] 22:03, 13 October 2010 (EDT)
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